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[The video's taken from a rooftop in Central City; there's a good view of the city panorama before it focuses on the varied crowds below. Somewhere behind the camera, there's a bit of quiet, lightly Irish-accented commentary.]

Marvelous. Simply amazing.

[And muttered-] I suppose modern technology does have its uses.

With all the stories there are in one world, how many can a place that is a crossroads of many hold?


Permissions Post

1) The biggest permission doesn't have to do with him as a reporter, it has to do with his night job.

Keats is a Messenger.

In his world, that means he acts as a go-between, mediator, and go-fer between realms, for people from either side of the "normal vs. spirit realm/extradimensional" divide - this can be as simple as running a message from the dead to the living or vice versa, or as complicated as tracking down who killed someone that was murdered, or finding something for a fae they can't get in their realm.

One of the things that goes along with that office, is that he can use some kind of small memento that has some kind of ties to a dead person; usually either something important to them in life, or something strongly associated with them by those close to them, to contact their spirit in the netherworld. It's got a few hoops to go through; one contact will take an entire night's work getting to where the meeting-place is. Once he gets there, the time is very short, and the dead aren't necessarily helpful; they can range from perfectly coherent to disoriented, will often be stuck on various things that they'd consider important that might not be useful, and depending on circumstances, it's often fragmented, cryptic, or just not long enough of a meeting to get more than a few lines of useful information; if there's some kind of unfinished business that's important to them, he'll often get stuck with demands that he has to resolve before he can go back on a different night to get anything useful.

This is probably going to come up case by case - if he catches wind that something he's poking into has had a death involved, he WILL be looking out for possible mementos, which might mean a lot of OOC prodding, PMs, IMs, or whatever to hash out if he can find anything and if he does, how much he can get. (For an example, with the Kid case, if he were to get his hand on, say, the monocle charm somehow - Toichi has been dead a while, and was prone to riddles in life, so would probably not be the clearest or most direct spirit to talk to, and he'd probably get a couple riddles and some kind of imperative to "help my son/don't let them get him". The direction itself might end up in a riddle.) I'll be leaving exactly what he can get and how easy it is to figure out up to the MUN closest related to the plot.

Feel free to comment here if there's something that comes to mind, or when something comes up, too.

The Messenger bit ... in theory comes with a bit of diplomatic status - he's expected to flit between realms and deal with entities from all over - but in practice, it depends on the Realm and the Messenger in question; in game, some of the Fae realms welcome Messengers but not Keats because he has ties to a rival realm, while one of the Hell realms treats Messengers as "an aberration to be punished for their crimes". Supernatural types that deal with other realms can feel free to either invoke the Messenger bit on him to put in requests for errands, or react to it as the MUN sees fit.

Messengers also have another part of their role - various entities that've lost themselves and gone mad/feral/animalistic, or been corrupted beyond repair? Messengers can kill them and absorb their souls, basically acting as a living purifier; they draw power from the souls they've absorbed, and can use powers of some of what they've defeated.

2) Fair warning - Keats will be paying attention to what you're saying and how you're saying it, and is prone to be mildly annoying about minding word choice and reading between the lines. He might catch other things that stick out as odd. Watch What You Say And Do Around The Reporter.

3) Keats is technically not human!
He's what his world would refer to as a Half-Live; one foot in the physical realm, one foot in the Netherworlds. He's an unusually stable Half-Live, and someone who can't sense things would probably mistake him for completely human so long as he's not doing something to draw attention to it.
By "drawing attention to it", if he's drawing on his powers or agitated badly enough, or doing it intentionally, there will be tells like light winds kicking up around him, energy-whisps, or his eyes glowing with purple flame behind his glasses.
If someone is psychically or magically sensitive: He is a living thing! Somewhat. He'd probably read as Fae more than anything, although a very odd variety - the realm he's most tied to is a fairly "young" one, that draws power from ennui and agnostic existentialist despair, so it'd feel very odd to someone used to fae things being "nature and dreamworld". If someone can sense death, they'd know he's been dead since he was eight or nine, and may be able to tell that he was brought back as something else, for a Purpose. Thanks to the other Messenger ability, anything that can sense souls or types of power will probably also pick up on the fact that he's got a Katamari ball of different energies that're slowly being patched and blended into his own.

Profile Post

Name: Roland Keats O'Shea
Canon: Folklore
Race: Human?
Age: 35 "actual age", 25 "chronological age". Yay fae realms and lost time!
Birthdate: July 10, 1984
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 164 pounds

I am choosing to ignore the last couple minutes of epilogue as they make him basically nonexistent and unplayable, just as forewarning, and sticking with what I'd done originally when I'd started playing him before finishing the game.

'He's a domestic romantic cleverly disguised as an unbalanced madman.' Collapse )